The home is the center of the of your comfort zone,  and we understand how important it is that you feel grounded in you and your family’s sense of security. The safety of your loved ones and livelihood is an absolute top priority, and besides locking your doors at night, there’s a bunch of other things that you can do to make sure that you have the highest possible level of safety and security.


The first thing that you need to do is make sure all your existing locks are upgraded. Most locks on American homes can be picked or bumped by criminals. If you install a pick proof, high grade, high security lock you are ensuring the safety of you and your family, and making it much harder for any criminal to break into your home. Your local neighborhood locksmith should be able to assist you in determining what’s the best lock for your particular door. Because of your locksmith’s expertise in what tactics and methods criminals use to get access into your home, he can advise you on which locks provide the absolute best levels of defense.


One idea for an add on device to bolster your door’s security is this new product called the Door Devil. This handy tool fits directly on to your door jamb and makes it absolutely impossible to kick in. You may be wondering who would ever be trying to kick in your door – but there’s actually a likelihood of this happening once you install high security locks onto your doors. Once any potential thieves encounter problems breaking their way in through the tough lock, they will likely be frustrated enough to try to kick the door in or cause enough damage that they can get the push over the lock that they need in order to get access.


Another way to increase your home security, is to add an integrated monitoring system. These systems have a large range of variance in exactly what features they offer – the majority of them place a device directly onto your entrance doors so that whenever the alarm is set off and the door opens, an alarm sounds, usually automatically calling the closest police department – or the security agency that you are using. Some of these devices have extra features that can be added on, like motion sensors (these can be triggered by pets or sleepwalking,) door knob sensors, or window alarms. Window alarms are a fantastic choice, as the majority of thieves will attempt to get in through windows when they notice that the door is protected by a security company. Home security systems that allow for video monitoring on closed circuit cameras wouldn’t be a detriment to your security, so if you can, install those too. These cameras are compact, handy, and can be installed at almost any point in a home. If your home sits on a large area of land, or if you have valuables or equipment stored right outside your home, it’s absolutely worth investing in a closed circuit camera.