As far as your home or business is concerned, getting a high security lock is one of the most important things that you can do. However, not all high security locks are made alike – and understanding their various features can help you figure out how to purchase the absolute ideal one for your home or business. Here are some of the various key (excuse the pun) aspects of high security home or business locks.



When you’re researching high security locks for your residential or commercial location, one of the key aspects to consider is the construction of the locking hardware itself. The best high security locks utilize both electrical and mechanical aspects as a double barrier against any intruders or burglars. By balancing two separate physical aspects of security you will have twice the amount of protection for your property. Based on your needs, you may opt to get an electronic lock, a biometric lock, or a simple – but extremely effective – double deadbolt. I want to emphasize that deadbolts are especially essential – don’t purchase any lock that doesn’t utilize deadbolts, as they are certainly one of the most effective aspects of any high security lock on the market today.



Prior to your purchase of the lock, analyze exactly what benefits or features that you want to get out of it. The types of locks that provide the best type of security features are resistant to both vandalism and extreme force in burglary or entry attempts. Discuss with your local locksmith exactly what security features and benefits you need, and whether the lock you’re thinking of purchasing offers these.



Lock manufacturers understand the importance of consumer confidence – and the best lock makers will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee based on their trust in their own products. Any high security lock should operate at it’s full working capacity for a long amount of time – and if it quickly fizzles out, it’s obviously not even worth buying. Even if it’s slightly more expensive, we recommend investing in a better grade of high security lock that comes with a guarantee of satisfaction – that way, if the lock doesn’t work in any way, you can quickly replace it to restore your security.



Break-ins are increasing in New York City. You might be surprised how fast and easy someone can get into your house – all with simple tools like a bent nail, a credit card, and a thin piece of cut metal.


There’s tons of information available on the internet for wannabe burglars – with full of tutorials teaching them how to break into a large amount of specific lock brands. This puts the responsibility of preventing burglary fully on you. Only you can implement the necessary security features to protect your property.


The first place to implement protection is the doorknob. You need to have solid locks installed – including a deadbolt, which is the number one preventer of burglaries.


The most common objects taken from homes or cars are weapons, medicine, computers, electronics, jewelry, and small safes. The heartbreaking fact is that most burglaries are committed by people who have been in your home, who have an inside knowledge of where everything is.


A way to limit your vulnerability to burglary is to switch up your home habits. Don’t turn off the lights when you go to bed at the same time – consider using a timer on different nights. Don’t leave your garage open the entire time you’re home and close it when you leave. Make sure your blinds aren’t being opened and shut on a schedule that signals to outsiders whether or not you’re home. If people can see into your home, they can isolate and learn your habits – so switch them up. Make sure to check your door frames and window seals near bushes or large trees for evidence of any break in.