Double locked doors are often used by people who want double security for their home, most often since the majority of burglaries take place during the day when people aren’t home. Here’s SOS Locksmith’s guide to double locks, illustrating the supreme security benefits that they offer homes.


If you live in an area with high amounts of crime, installing a double lock can really give you some of the added protection that it needs. Double locks will force burglars to take more time trying to pick or break through an additional lock, which acts as both a deterrent in the first place, and a major hinderance. Remember, that if you have double locked doors, that you need to protect all windows closed and locked as well.



Two shoddy locks won’t make much of a difference. However, if your door is fitted with two locks of a high quality, it will really offer your home a massive level of protection that is simply unbeatable. A quality deadbolt is made of hardened steel, and in a double layer can prevent even some of the most seasoned burglars from being able to enter your home.



Insurance companies often request homeowners to install double sets of locks, and if your home does suffer an unfortunate breakin, there’s a higher chance that the insurance company will compensate you for lost property when they can see that you’ve protected your home with double locks. Additionally, your insurance premiums will be much lower when you install two locks.



You can lessen fire risks by installing a pair of single bolt locks that require a key to lock from outside, but can be easily opened from inside through a twist doorknob. While you might lock yourself outside, these locks add both security and fire safety to your home, preventing people from coming in, but also allowing you to conveniently leave whenever you want.


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