Mul-T-Lock recently launched it’s special Classic Pro cylinder, their new patented security platform. They have been revolutionizing the market now for years with their superior lock grades. One of the experts at Mul-T-Lock provided this brief guide to the most important aspects of home protection. It’s important to first understand that the entire Mul-T-Lock security philosophy involves them basing their cylinders on special patent designs, known as keying systems or platforms. The most important aspects of a quality lock platform, according to the experts at Mul-T-Lock, are:



Each cylinder has a certain amount and range of possible pin combinations that ensures it’s unique security function. By utilizing multiple number combinations within cylinders, Mul-T-Lock gives their customers much higher levels of security, avoiding the possibility of multiple customers buying a cylinder that has the same combination, and thus, the same key.



When keying systems have patents, and a customer loses their key, the customer can only have a new key cut or made by an authorized professional locksmith or dealer – which provides a useful additional layer of security. This basically means that in the lock manufacturing industry, the longer a patent can last, the stronger the amount of security the locks provide.



A quality lock system will help hold to international security standards for protecting you and your property from all forms of risks including burglary, break-ins, lock picking, lock bumping, and forced entry – as well as promising you a level of total uniform precision in all manufacturing standards.


The brand new Mul-T-Lock Classic Pro lock technology has a special pateent that will last until the year 2033. It is compliant with the strictest level of international lock standards, provides total key control protection that prevents any unapproved copying, and holds massive resistance to all forms of picking, bumping, drilling, or other break in methods.



Are you seeking out a lock for your commercial business? It’s important to keep in mind that the wide range of locks that are commercially available boast a range of different features, and are all of different quality and efficacy. Before you purchase your lock, you’re going to want to be certain of the location where you are placing the lock, and exactly what kind of lock you’re seeking. Here’s SOS Locksmith’s short guide to the 7 most common kinds of locks available for commercial businesses today.

This brand makes both keyed and key-less locks, with a wide range of both home and office security solutions. Schlage locks are tampering resistant and durable, with switchable customization keyways.

This company is focused on commercial security, and makes locks that are highly durable. They offer a wide range of lock types including keypad locks, and work along with ASSA Abloy to create impenetrable security solutions for commercial properties.

This brand is a favorite among schools, government buildings, and other facilities that handle a large degree of public traffic. They can be easily installed, and are tamper resistant – with a curvy, attractive design that complements any aesthetic or decor.

This fashion forward brand offers both traditional and contemporary hardware in a range of aesthetics from warm to cold and futuristic. They manufacture everything from key-less entry systems, classic door knobs, pocket door locks that are hidden, or even levered door opening systems.

This lock company makes devices for high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, and health care facilities. They create key-less entry systems, traditional keyed entry systems, automatically locking keypad systems, and remote fob lock control. Each Sergeant product includes an assortment of complimentary hardware that can maximize utility and convenience.

This brand created the Smartkey, one of the latest locksmith innovations that allows for owners to easily re-key all locks by themselves – which saves a great deal of money. If you’re working in a situation that has a high amount of employee turnover or people constantly coming in and leaving, this brand is a great choice, as it allows for temporary codes to be given to allow building access at single, specific moments – not to mention their extremely durable, bump proof, and pick resistant locks.