DIY Home Security Tips & Tricks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Understanding Burglary

The FBI defines burglary as being the unlawful entry with intent to commit theft or a feulony.  Burglary does not need to include forcible entry – it just consists of the entrance into an area someone is not allowed in, with the intention of taking someone else’s property. This is different from robbery, which is defined as the theft of property or cash with a threat of violence. Burglary can be thought of in many categories including unlawful entry, attempted forced entry, and forced entry. Forced entry and unlawful entry are considered completed burglary, while attempted forced entry can be considered an attempted but failed burglary. The FBI reported records of 1,729,806 burglaries in the United States, making up over 20 percent of the year’s property crimes.

Common Burglary Times and Details

Burglaries most often happen during the day, with 2/3ds of burglaries happening during daylight. The most common times for burglary are between 10am and 2pm, most commonly between July and August when many people are on vacation. February is the month with the least common amount of burglaries. Most burglars are under the age of 25 and are amateurs, with over 50% of them being white. Drug addiction is the most common motivation for burglaries. 80 percent of burglars enter through the front door, first floor window, or back door. The master bedroom is usually the first room that gets targeted, with the home office being the second most commonly targeted area. Money is the most commonly stolen item, next to jewelry.

DIY Burglar-Proofing Tips

  • Always keep the buses in front of your home or apartment trimmed to reduce the amount of places a burglar could hide. Keeping a well manicured yard tells burglars that you’re paying attention to your property.

  • If you’re going to be out of town, make sure to temporarily discontinue your mail. If there’s a pile of undelivered mail or newspapers in front of your home, it broadcasts the fact that you’re not home and advertises your property to burglars.

  • Install deadbolts on the entry doors of your home. These are an extra layer of security that go on top of standard home locks.

  • Ask your neighbors for help checking up on your property when you’re gone, just to make sure that everything is alright.

  • Make sure to store your valuables in falsely labeled containers in the cabinet, wrapped up in foil like leftovers in the freezer, or in mislabeled old boxes in your garage to decrease the likelihood of the burglar finding any of your possessions.

  • Check your alarm system to make sure it’s working right, and test it regularly. The presence of a security alarm system, which can be advertised by signs, can scare many burglars off from potentially attempting home break ins.

  • Make sure to always lock your doors and windows – the majority of burglaries only last 8 to 12 minutes, and unlocked doors make a burglar’s job much easier.

  • Take out anything that a burglar could use to break into your home from your front yard or the vicinity of your home – including ladders or toolboxes.

  • Install outdoor lighting fit with timers or motion sensors. This makes your home more visible to passersby and makes it harder for burglars to attempt burglary without being caught. Lights triggered by motion detectors can surprise and scare off burglars, decreasing the chances of a breakin.

  • Be very aware of who has keys to your home and only give spare keys to close friends or family members, rather than leaving one under your doormat or an obviously placed rock in front of your house.



Mul-T-Lock recently launched it’s special Classic Pro cylinder, their new patented security platform. They have been revolutionizing the market now for years with their superior lock grades. One of the experts at Mul-T-Lock provided this brief guide to the most important aspects of home protection. It’s important to first understand that the entire Mul-T-Lock security philosophy involves them basing their cylinders on special patent designs, known as keying systems or platforms. The most important aspects of a quality lock platform, according to the experts at Mul-T-Lock, are:



Each cylinder has a certain amount and range of possible pin combinations that ensures it’s unique security function. By utilizing multiple number combinations within cylinders, Mul-T-Lock gives their customers much higher levels of security, avoiding the possibility of multiple customers buying a cylinder that has the same combination, and thus, the same key.



When keying systems have patents, and a customer loses their key, the customer can only have a new key cut or made by an authorized professional locksmith or dealer – which provides a useful additional layer of security. This basically means that in the lock manufacturing industry, the longer a patent can last, the stronger the amount of security the locks provide.



A quality lock system will help hold to international security standards for protecting you and your property from all forms of risks including burglary, break-ins, lock picking, lock bumping, and forced entry – as well as promising you a level of total uniform precision in all manufacturing standards.


The brand new Mul-T-Lock Classic Pro lock technology has a special pateent that will last until the year 2033. It is compliant with the strictest level of international lock standards, provides total key control protection that prevents any unapproved copying, and holds massive resistance to all forms of picking, bumping, drilling, or other break in methods.


Are you seeking out a lock for your commercial business? It’s important to keep in mind that the wide range of locks that are commercially available boast a range of different features, and are all of different quality and efficacy. Before you purchase your lock, you’re going to want to be certain of the location where you are placing the lock, and exactly what kind of lock you’re seeking. Here’s SOS Locksmith’s short guide to the 7 most common kinds of locks available for commercial businesses today.

This brand makes both keyed and key-less locks, with a wide range of both home and office security solutions. Schlage locks are tampering resistant and durable, with switchable customization keyways.

This company is focused on commercial security, and makes locks that are highly durable. They offer a wide range of lock types including keypad locks, and work along with ASSA Abloy to create impenetrable security solutions for commercial properties.

This brand is a favorite among schools, government buildings, and other facilities that handle a large degree of public traffic. They can be easily installed, and are tamper resistant – with a curvy, attractive design that complements any aesthetic or decor.

This fashion forward brand offers both traditional and contemporary hardware in a range of aesthetics from warm to cold and futuristic. They manufacture everything from key-less entry systems, classic door knobs, pocket door locks that are hidden, or even levered door opening systems.

This lock company makes devices for high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, and health care facilities. They create key-less entry systems, traditional keyed entry systems, automatically locking keypad systems, and remote fob lock control. Each Sergeant product includes an assortment of complimentary hardware that can maximize utility and convenience.

This brand created the Smartkey, one of the latest locksmith innovations that allows for owners to easily re-key all locks by themselves – which saves a great deal of money. If you’re working in a situation that has a high amount of employee turnover or people constantly coming in and leaving, this brand is a great choice, as it allows for temporary codes to be given to allow building access at single, specific moments – not to mention their extremely durable, bump proof, and pick resistant locks.


Double locked doors are often used by people who want double security for their home, most often since the majority of burglaries take place during the day when people aren’t home. Here’s SOS Locksmith’s guide to double locks, illustrating the supreme security benefits that they offer homes.


If you live in an area with high amounts of crime, installing a double lock can really give you some of the added protection that it needs. Double locks will force burglars to take more time trying to pick or break through an additional lock, which acts as both a deterrent in the first place, and a major hinderance. Remember, that if you have double locked doors, that you need to protect all windows closed and locked as well.



Two shoddy locks won’t make much of a difference. However, if your door is fitted with two locks of a high quality, it will really offer your home a massive level of protection that is simply unbeatable. A quality deadbolt is made of hardened steel, and in a double layer can prevent even some of the most seasoned burglars from being able to enter your home.



Insurance companies often request homeowners to install double sets of locks, and if your home does suffer an unfortunate breakin, there’s a higher chance that the insurance company will compensate you for lost property when they can see that you’ve protected your home with double locks. Additionally, your insurance premiums will be much lower when you install two locks.



You can lessen fire risks by installing a pair of single bolt locks that require a key to lock from outside, but can be easily opened from inside through a twist doorknob. While you might lock yourself outside, these locks add both security and fire safety to your home, preventing people from coming in, but also allowing you to conveniently leave whenever you want.


As far as your home or business is concerned, getting a high security lock is one of the most important things that you can do. However, not all high security locks are made alike – and understanding their various features can help you figure out how to purchase the absolute ideal one for your home or business. Here are some of the various key (excuse the pun) aspects of high security home or business locks.



When you’re researching high security locks for your residential or commercial location, one of the key aspects to consider is the construction of the locking hardware itself. The best high security locks utilize both electrical and mechanical aspects as a double barrier against any intruders or burglars. By balancing two separate physical aspects of security you will have twice the amount of protection for your property. Based on your needs, you may opt to get an electronic lock, a biometric lock, or a simple – but extremely effective – double deadbolt. I want to emphasize that deadbolts are especially essential – don’t purchase any lock that doesn’t utilize deadbolts, as they are certainly one of the most effective aspects of any high security lock on the market today.



Prior to your purchase of the lock, analyze exactly what benefits or features that you want to get out of it. The types of locks that provide the best type of security features are resistant to both vandalism and extreme force in burglary or entry attempts. Discuss with your local locksmith exactly what security features and benefits you need, and whether the lock you’re thinking of purchasing offers these.



Lock manufacturers understand the importance of consumer confidence – and the best lock makers will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee based on their trust in their own products. Any high security lock should operate at it’s full working capacity for a long amount of time – and if it quickly fizzles out, it’s obviously not even worth buying. Even if it’s slightly more expensive, we recommend investing in a better grade of high security lock that comes with a guarantee of satisfaction – that way, if the lock doesn’t work in any way, you can quickly replace it to restore your security.


Break-ins are increasing in New York City. You might be surprised how fast and easy someone can get into your house – all with simple tools like a bent nail, a credit card, and a thin piece of cut metal.


There’s tons of information available on the internet for wannabe burglars – with full of tutorials teaching them how to break into a large amount of specific lock brands. This puts the responsibility of preventing burglary fully on you. Only you can implement the necessary security features to protect your property.


The first place to implement protection is the doorknob. You need to have solid locks installed – including a deadbolt, which is the number one preventer of burglaries.


The most common objects taken from homes or cars are weapons, medicine, computers, electronics, jewelry, and small safes. The heartbreaking fact is that most burglaries are committed by people who have been in your home, who have an inside knowledge of where everything is.


A way to limit your vulnerability to burglary is to switch up your home habits. Don’t turn off the lights when you go to bed at the same time – consider using a timer on different nights. Don’t leave your garage open the entire time you’re home and close it when you leave. Make sure your blinds aren’t being opened and shut on a schedule that signals to outsiders whether or not you’re home. If people can see into your home, they can isolate and learn your habits – so switch them up. Make sure to check your door frames and window seals near bushes or large trees for evidence of any break in.


Before you’re moving to a new house, there’s a wide number of important actions to take in order to ensure a safe, easy, and stress free move. Fortunately, the team at SOS has  compiled a fantastic list of steps to take in order to be effectively prepared for a move. Check it out.


Once you know you’re ready to move, hire a moving company. The earlier that you schedule your move the better. We recommend scheduling moves for the middle of the week, rather than the weekend, as it usually costs much less.


You might want to buy boxes or other supplies for packing up and transporting your belongings, but you may already have many packing items that you can use in order to save money. If you need boxes we recommend trying the local liquor store or cardboard recycling center in order to find free boxes.


Bring items that you don’t use, want, or need to local donation centers or charities – it will help make the physical labor of moving much more manageable, and goes to a  good cause to boot!


Before you pack, create an inventory of all your belongings – you want to be able to double check the list when you get to your new location to make sure that all your belongings have arrived safe and intact.


Start out with packing your least used belongings, as well as your crucial valuables – which you should set apart in their own secured box. Make sure that you label absolutely everything throughout the process; we recommend using colored or numbers coding systems that will coordinate with the rooms in your new property in which specific voxes should be placed. This way it will be much easier to unpack.


Use a folder to keep any important or precious documents, or other paper goods that may get damaged or roughed around during transportation. These sort of documents include passports, birth certificates, social security cards, financial statements, receipts, or medical records.


Officially change your address with the United States Postal Service so you keep getting your mail sent to the correct location. Update your insurance, bank, phone, internet, and cable providers on your new address- as well as updating your driver’s license and car registration.


Since you’re going to be moving soon, make sure to stop keeping your home as stocked with groceries as you have been. You don’t want to waste food – and it’s simply an impracticality bringing any sort of perishable item with you on your trip.


Make sure to notify all your utility companies- including gas, water, and electric – of your move so that service can be turned off at your old home and on at your new one – it’s best to do this as far in advance as possible so as to avoid being charged for an entire month that you won’t even be home.


Clean your home thoroughly to avoid potentially losing a deposit on your home – and clean your new home before unpacking to make your living situation upon moving as absolutely pleasant as possible. Cleaning should be your final task that you do once the movers arrive with all your items – you’re going to want to unpack them in a clean house.


The comfort-based benefits of this action should be obvious – you simply don’t want to share the same toilet seat as countless strangers! Fortunately, toilet seats come cheaply and are very easy to install.


Scour the home for any leaks in plumbing, faucets, or even toilets – by investigating the water meter after taking a break from using any water is one method – and repair any leaks that you identify.


Last, but certainly not least, comes the most important step of all. If you’re moving into a new property, you have no idea who has corresponding keys to your property. If you truly want your property to be secure, you should change your locks, or at the very least, rekey your property, ensuring that only you have access to your location. Trust the experts at SOS locksmiths to effectively provide any necessary rekeying or lock change service – with unparalleled efficiency, and all at a fair price.